Upgrade LTE Modem Firmware

Aruba Central allows you to upgrade the LTE Long Term Evolution. LTE is a 4G wireless communication standard that provides high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals. See 4G. modem firmware for Aruba USB Universal Serial Bus. USB is a connection standard that offers a common interface for communication between the external devices and a computer. USB is the most common port used in the client devices.  LTE capable gateways and APs when new LTE firmware versions are available.

LTE modem firmware upgrade in Aruba Central is supported for the following devices:

  • 9000 Series, 9012, and 7000 Series Gateways.

  • Aruba APs including microbranch.

To update the LTE modem firmware, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, complete the following steps: 
    1. Set the filter to one of the options under Group or Sites. For all devices, set the filter to Global.
      The dashboard context for the selected filter is displayed.
    2. Under Maintain, click Firmware.
    3. Select the Access Points or Gateways tab.
      A list of devices is displayed.
    4. Select one or more devices from the devices list and click the LTE modem upgrade icon at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, hover over one of the selected devices and click the LTE modem upgrade icon.
      The Upgrade LTE Modem Firmware pop-up window opens.
  2. Select the appropriate firmware version.

    It is recommended to use Ethernet Ethernet is a network protocol for data transmission over LAN. instead of LTE link for LTE firmware upgrade to speed up the LTE firmware file download time.

  3. Click Upgrade.
    The Upgrade Status pop-up window is displayed.
  4. Click Ok.
    The device downloads the image from the server, saves it to flash, and reboots. Depending on the progress and success of the upgrade, one of the following messages is displayed under LTE Modem Firmware:
    • Gateways

      • queued—When the upgrade is queued.
      • rebooting—When the device is rebooting.
      • upgrade failed—When the upgrade fails.
      • upgrade successful—When the upgrade is successful.
    • APs

  5. If the upgrade fails, retry upgrading LTE firmware for that device.

Important Points to Remember

  • Ensure that the AP or gateway is powered on during the firmware upgrade.

  • The modem firmware upgrade can only be done when the Aruba USB modem is plugged into the USB port of an Aruba AP or Gateway.

  • You cannot upgrade the device (AP or the gateway) during modem firmware upgrade and vice versa.

  • LTE modem firmware upgrade is completed on device (AP or gateway) reboot.