About Floor plan

Floor Plan allows you to plan sites, create and manage floor plans, and provision access points. You can use Floor Plan to do basic planning procedures, such as creating a floor plan and provisioning access points. Site context is the only way to access the Floor Plan dashboard.

Floor Plan provides a real-time picture of the radio environment of your wireless network and the ability to plan the wireless coverage of new sites. For a better understanding of your wireless network, you must know the location of your devices and users, and the RF Radio Frequency. RF refers to the electromagnetic wave frequencies within a range of 3 kHz to 300 GHz, including the frequencies used for communications or Radar signals. environment of your network. Floor Plan provides this information at your fingertips through integrated mapping and location data.

Floor Plan uses sophisticated RF fingerprinting to accurately display coverage patterns and calculate the location of every wireless device in range. Floor Plan does not require dedicated RF sensors or a costly additional location appliance because it gathers all the necessary information from your existing devices.

  • Floor Plan is supported only on access points running or a later version.
  • Use the breadcrumbs instead of the back or front navigation.

  • As soon as an AP is unlicensed, it is removed from the floorplan and deployed device list. For example, when you unassign a license for an AP, it gets removed from the deployed device list and floorplans, and when you reassign the license, the AP gets added back to the deployed device list and to the same co-ordinates of the floorplan location. Also, when your license gets auto expired, the devices gets removed from the list and floorplan location. On renewing the license, the device gets added back. Make sure that you check the assigned AP device licensing status before adding them to the floorplan.

Floor Plan offers the following features:

  • The ability to create and import floor plans.
  • Pictorial navigation that allows you to view the floor plans associated with access points, associated clients, rogues, buildings, and floors.
  • Accurately calculate of the location of all associated client devices using RF data from your devices.
  • Accurately calculate the location of all rogue devices (as classified by RAPIDS) using RF data from your devices.
  • A map view shows the location of devices and heatmaps that depict the strength of RF coverage in each location.

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