Aruba Central Integration in Unity Orchestrator

To configure Unity EdgeConnect integration using the generated API token, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Unity Orchestrator site.
  2. Navigate to Orchestrator > Aruba Central > Aruba Central Site Mapping.
  3. Click Aruba Central Account.
  4. Configure the following parameters with information generated from Aruba Central:
    1. Customer ID—Configure the Customer ID generated from Aruba Central.
    2. Email—Enter the Email provided in Aruba Central.
    3. Password—Enter the Aruba Central password.

      If you do not remember the password, you must reset the Aruba Central password from the Aruba Central.

    4. Client ID—Configure the Client ID generated from Aruba Central.
    5. Client Secret—Configure the Client Secret generated from Aruba Central.
  5. Click Add.

    The value of Aruba Central changes to Connected.

When the Aruba Central integration is complete, the EdgeConnect Status field of the Network Health card is displayed in the Map view of the Network Health dashboard, within the range of 5–10 minutes. Clicking one of the links redirects you to the Alarms tab in Unity Orchestrator from Aruba Central for further troubleshooting.