WAN Health—Global

The WAN Health tab provides detailed information of the network health status and usage for the sites in which Branch Gateways and VPNCs are configured in your setup.

For more information on viewing the WAN Health page, see Viewing the WAN Health Page.

Page Views

The WAN Health page offers the following views:

  • Summary—This view provides a pictorial view of the network across various sites. The sites are color coded; red indicates potential issues and green indicates that there are no issues. To change the zoom level, click the zoom icons. You can click the different site on the map to view details.
  • List—Primarily provides numerical representation of data under Transport and Site tabs.
    • Transport—The columns categorized under Uplink and Performance provide textual values. You can select a device from the Name column to view the details about that device's health.
    • Site—The Site Type and Connectivity Status columns provide textual values. You can select the site from the Site Name column to view details about that site's health.

This page uses the following indicators to present information on status of the network health:

  • Grey bullet icon—Indicates no issues.
  • Red bullet icon—Indicates potential issues.

WAN Health

Table 1: Gateways Network Health Page




Site Name

Displays the total number of sites.

Name of the site. Use the column filter bar to search for a particular site.

Click the site name to open the Site Health page. For more information, see the Site Health section in the Aruba Central Help Center.

Site Type

Displays the total number of sites for each site type.

Displays whether the device is deployed as a hub or spoke.

  • To filter gateways provisioned as a hub, click Hub.
  • To filter gateways provisioned as a spoke, click Spoke.
  • To filter gateways deployed as cloud instances, click Cloud. Only hubs can be deployed as cloud instances, so if a hub is deployed as a cloud instance, the site type is Cloud.

Device Status

Displays the total number of devices in Up and Down state.

Displays the total count of devices in the UP and DOWN states.

  • To filter devices in UP sate, click Up.
  • To filter devices in DOWN sate, click Down.


Displays the total number of links.

Displays the following information:

  • Status—Displays the overall connectivity status. One of the following statuses is displayed:
    • Up
    • Partial
    • Down

Hover over the column to view the circuit status, tunnel status, overlay status, and underlay status separately.


Displays the average value for site availability.

Displays the following metrics:

  • Site Availability—Displays the site availability. The range is from 0 to 100 percent. To filter site availability, click the column filter bar and enter values in the Min and Max text boxes. Hover your mouse over the column to view site availability on a per provider basis.

For information about a particular site, see WAN Health in Site Dashboard.