User Experience Insight Sensors Integration

The integration of User Experience Insight (UXI) sensors in Aruba Central enables monitoring the network health of a site from end-user perspective, as seen by the UXI sensors deployed in a site. Once integrated with Aruba Central, the high-level summary of UXI sensor alerts are displayed in the UXI field of the Network Health card in Map view.

UXI Field in Network Health Card

The UXI field in the Network Health card displays the top alert coming from UXI sensors at a site. This information is displayed when there is at least one UXI sensor deployed in the site. Ensure that the UXI sensor is connected to an AP or an SSID broadcasted by the AP in the site.

For more information about displaying the UXI field, see Displaying the UXI Field.

Clicking on the UXI field leads to the UXI Dashboard for further troubleshooting. The following image displays the Network Health card for a test site called San Diego. The highlighted part of the Network Health card displays the UXI field.

For more information about each field in the Network health card, see Network Health Dashboard.

The UXI integration with Aruba Central is achieved through APIs to monitor end-user experience at a given site.