Configure RAPIDS

Aruba Central RAPIDS allow users to configure RAPIDS rules to customize classification. Users can configure a predefined set of classification criteria at the global level to determine the classification of a neighboring AP.

To enable RAPIDS, click the Config icon in Manage > Security > RAPIDS and enable the Enable RAPIDS toggle button.

The Enable RAPIDS page displays the default classification rules in a table:

Table 1: Classification Rules




Name of the rule created.


Classification of the detected AP:



Suspect Rogue


Status of the rogue detected.

The default classification rules that are already configured and visible in the table are as follows:

You can reorder the rules in the table by dragging it up or down. AP classification checks the rules, starting from the top of the table. When a match is found at any point then, that becomes the resulting classification of the monitored AP. RAPIDS then pushes the final classification back to the Virtual Controller or the AP providing the user a consistent classification value across the network.

Customize the Classification Rules table as follows:

  • To select the required columns, click the icon o select the required columns.
  • Click Reset to default to reset the table to the default columns.
  • To autofit the columns, click the icon and select Autofit columns.
  • To delete or edit the rule, hover over the classification rule and click the or icon respectively.

For more information, see the following topic: