Configuring a New Rule

Apart from the default preconfigured rules, you can also configure or add your own rules. To add a rule, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to Global.

    The dashboard context for the selected filter is displayed.

  2. Under Manage, click Security > RAPIDS.

    By default, the WIDS Wireless Intrusion Detection System. WIDS is an application that detects the attacks on a wireless network or wireless system. Events table is displayed in the List view.

  3. Click the Config icon.

  4. Enable the Enable RAPIDS toggle button if you are logging in for the first time. If the toggle button is already enabled, the enable RAPIDS page is displayed.

    The preconfigured classification rules are displayed.

  5. To add a rule, click the icon.

    The Add Rule page is displayed.

  6. Enter the Rule Name and Classification type, as required.

  7. Select the This rule is enabled checkbox, if you want to enable the rule that you are adding.

  8. To add the conditions, click the icon.

  9. To apply a configurable classification criteria, select it from the Criteria drop-down list.

    You can choose multiple criteria for a single rule. For more information on classification criteria, see Configuring a New Rule.

  10. All the criteria in a single rule are applied together at once. A rule applies only if all the criteria in that rule evaluate as a match.

  11. Click Save.

    Clicking save displays the newly added rule on the Classification Rules table.

For more information, see the following topic: