Managing Site Installations for MSP

Site installations and device deployments at customer premises require extensive coordination between Managed Service Provider (MSP) administrators and installation personnel. If there are multiple sites to deploy, MSPs require more time and manual effort to coordinate and manage site installations. The Aruba Install Manager feature simplifies and automates site deployments, and helps MSP administrators manage site installations with ease.

Install Manager includes the following components:

  • Install Manager on the Aruba Central web interface—Intended for MSP administrators who oversee the installation management activities in an organization. Using the Install Manager, administrators can create installer profiles, assign site deployments to installers, approve or reject device installation requests, and monitor deployment status for each site from a remote location.
  • Aruba Installer mobile app—Intended for the installation personnel who deploy devices on a site. Installers are technicians who are assigned the task of visiting a physical site or location, and install devices. The app enables installers to scan devices and report the task status to MSP administrators.

The Install Manager option includes the following menu items:

  • Site Installations—Displays a list of customers and associated sites.
  • Installers—Displays a list of installers added and customers assigned.
  • Audit Trail—Displays the installation summary for all customers and allows MSP administrators to approve or reject device installation requests.

The steps required for completing a site installation procedure are listed in the following table:

Table 1: Site Installation Workflow

MSP Administrator Workflow

Installer Workflow

  1. Onboard devices and assign subscriptions.
  2. Create sites.
  3. Assign groups to sites.
  4. Create an installer profile and assign sites for installation.
  5. Approve or reject device installation requests.
  6. Monitor the installation progress.
  7. Mark the installation status as completed.
  1. Download and install the Aruba Installer mobile app.
  2. Sign in to the app and view the sites assigned.
  3. Visit the site and start the installation process.
  4. Scan the serial number of the device.
  5. Power on and connect the devices to the network.
  6. Verify the device status.
  7. If the devices are not connected to Aruba Central, report the issue to the MSP administrator.

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