Hybrid MSP Deployment Model (Deployment Model 3)

In this model, Aruba Central supports a hybrid deployment model for the MSP. The MSP can use the following deployment models in conjunction to manage the end-customers' network:

In the Aruba Central MSP dashboard, the total device count, device trends data is based only on the MSP Managed Service Provider. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) mode is a multi-tenant operational mode that Aruba Central accounts can be converted into, provided these accounts have subscribed to the Aruba Central app. owned devices and subscriptions allocated to Customers.
The MSP Reports data is based on the MSP owned devices and subscriptions.

This is an allow-listed feature. Aruba recommends that you contact your Aruba Central sales representative or yourAruba Central Account Manager if you are an MSP proposing this model to your end-customer.