MSP Architecture

Aruba Central provides a cloud-based network management platform for managing your wireless, WAN Wide Area Network. WAN is a telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance., and wired networks with Aruba Instant APs, Gateways, and Switches. Along with device and network management functions, Aruba Central offers value added services such as customized guest access, client presence and service assurance analytics.

The Managed Service Provider mode or MSP mode is a multi-tenant operational mode that Aruba Central accounts can be converted into. MSPs can simplify tenant network operations using capabilities such as zero-touch setup, centralized management of Aruba APs and switches, historical data reporting, PCI compliance monitoring, and troubleshooting for hundreds of customers.

With the MSP mode enabled, MSP administrators can provision tenant accounts, allocate devices, assign subscriptions, and monitor tenant accounts. MSP administrators can drill down to a specific tenant account and perform additional administration and configuration tasks.

The following figure illustrates a typical MSP deployment mode in which one MSP manages multiple tenant accounts.

Figure 1  MSP Deployment Mode


Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the following key terms:

Term Description

Standard Enterprise mode

Refers to the Aruba Central deployment mode in which customers manage their respective accounts end-to- end. The Standard Enterprise mode is a single-tenant environment for a single end-customer.

MSP mode

Refers to the Aruba Central deployment mode in which service providers centrally manage and monitor multiple tenant accounts from a single management interface.

  • Tenant accounts
  • Customer accounts

End-customer accounts created in the MSP mode. Each tenant is an independent instance of Aruba Central.

MSP administrator

Refers to owners of the primary account. These users have administrator privileges to provision, manage, and monitor tenant accounts.

  • Tenant users
  • Customers

Refers to the owners of an individual tenant account provisioned in the Managed Service Provider mode. The MSP administrator can create a tenant account.