Okta Workforce Identity Cloud

Okta Workforce Identity Cloud is an identity and access management solution which enables organizations to authenticate and authorize user access across apps and devices. It offers single sign-on (SSO Single Sign-On. SSO is an access-control property that allows the users to log in once to access multiple related, but independent applications or systems to which they have privileges. The process authenticates the user across all allowed resources during their session, eliminating additional login prompts.), multi-factor authentication (MFA Multi-factor Authentication. MFA lets you require multiple factors, or proofs of identity, when authenticating a user. Policy configurations define how often multi-factor authentication will be required, or conditions that will trigger it.), and identity verification.

In Aruba Central, administrators can configure user policies based on the user groups defined in the Okta Workforce Identity Cloud identity store.

When creating a user policy, the network administrator must provide the information listed in Getting Information from Okta Workforce Identity Cloud.

When the administrator deletes or suspends a user from Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, the Cloud Auth application receives a notification about the event. The application revokes any certificates provisioned to the user and disconnects any active sessions for the user. This change is reflected within a short span of time.

If a user is removed from a group for which the user is currently authorized, the user is disconnected and will have to re-authenticate again.

To configure Okta Workforce Identity Cloud and for more information about the APIs used, see: