Supported Devices and Operating Systems

This section lists all the Aruba devices and various client Operating Systems along with their versions that are required to configure user and client access policy.

Table 1: Cloud Authentication and Policy Supported Aruba Devices

Aruba Device(s)

Supported versions

Supported Aruba Device Models

Instant AP

Aruba Instant 8.9.0.x
  • AP-635

Instant AP

Aruba Instant 8.6.0.x, 8.7.0.x, 8.8.0.x, and 8.9.0.x

  • AP-2xx

  • AP-3xx

  • AP-50x

  • AP-51x

  • AP-53x

  • AP-55x


AOS 10.2 and AOS 10.3

  • AP-303P

  • AP-318

  • AP-325

  • AP-34x

  • AP-36x

  • AP-37x

  • AP-387

  • AP-50x

  • AP-51x

  • AP-53x

  • AP-53x

Branch Gateway

AOS 10.2 and AOS 10.3

  • Branch Gateway 9004

  • Branch Gateway 70xx

  • Branch Gateway 72xx

Table 2: Cloud Authentication and Policy Supported Client Operating System

Client Operating Systems Supported Versions


Windows 10 version 1803 and later

Windows Server

Windows Server 2016 and later


Android 9 or later


macOS 10.13 and later


iOS 12.1 and later

iOS 15.0 and iOS 15.1 versions are not supported because of a bug in iOS, which was fixed by Apple in the iOS 15.2 version.