Viewing the Generated Report

To view a generated report, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to one of the options under groups, labels, or sites.

    For all devices, set the filter to Global.The dashboard context for the selected filter is displayed.

  2. Under Analyze, click Reports.

    The Reports page is displayed in the Summary view.

  3. Click Browse.

    The Generated Reports table is displayed in the List view.

  4. In the Generated Reports table, click a report name listed under Title.

    The report details are displayed.

The Generated Reports table provides the following information:

  • Title—Name of the report. Click to filter the report based on the name of the report.
  • Date Run—Timestamp indicating when the report was generated.
  • Group/Device—The group or device for which the report was generated.
  • Label/Site—The label or site for which the report was generated.
  • Type—Type of report. Click to filter the report based on the type of the report. Click to select a type of report from the drop-down list.
  • Created By—Email address of the user who created the report.

The reports are listed in the Generated Reports table only for one year from the date when the reports were generated. After one year, the reports are removed from the table.

The following animation illustrates how to view, search, or delete a generated report.