Managing Sites

The Sites page allows you to create sites, view the list of sites configured in your setup, and assign devices to sites. The Sites page includes the following functions:

Table 1: Sites Page



Convert Labels to Sites

Allows you to convert existing labels to sites. To convert labels, download the CSV Comma-Separated Values. A file format that stores tabular data in the plain text format separated by commas. file with the list of labels configured in your setup, add the site information, and upload the CSV file. For more information, see Managing Sites.

New Site

Allows you to create a new site.

Bulk upload

Allows you to add sites in bulk from a CSV file.

Sites Table

The sites table displays a list of sites configured. It provides the following information:

Table 2: Sites Table



Site Name

Name of the site.


Physical address of the site.

Device Count

Number of devices assigned to a site.

The table also includes the following sorting options to reset the table view on the right:

  • All Devices—Displays all the devices provisioned in Aruba Central.
  • Unassigned—Displays the list of devices that are not assigned to any site.

You can also use the filter and sort icons on the Sites and Address columns to filter and sort sites respectively.

Devices Table

The devices table displays a list of devices provisioned. It provides the following information:

Table 3: Devices Table




Name of the device.


Group to which the device is assigned.


Type of the device.