Adding Subscriptions to Workspace

You must add a device subscription key to your workspace independent of adding a specific device.

Listed below are the steps to add subscriptions to your workspace:

  1. On the HPE GreenLake top menu bar, click Manage > Subscriptions.

    The Subscriptions page is displayed.

  2. Perform one of the following:

    1. To add a device subscription key, ensure that you are in the Device Subscriptions page and click Add Device Subscription.

    2. To add a service subscription key, click Service Subscriptions in the left pane and then click Add Service Subscription.

  3. In the Add Subscription window, enter the Subscription Key that was sent with your device or in the email you received when the service was purchased.

  4. Click Submit. You can continue adding license keys as needed.

    The subscriptions(s) are now available to assign to devices in your workspace.

For latest documentation, refer to the Device section in the HPE GreenLake Edge to Cloud Platform User Guide.

The device Inventory page is displayed.