Aruba Central Licenses

As part of the shift to an Edge Edge is a device persona that connects endpoints to the fabric.-to-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service organization, Aruba has introduced the subscription licenses — Aruba Central Foundation and Advanced (Aruba Central Licenses) on a per-device basis. This is a uniform software subscription licensing model that will be extended to all products under the Aruba Central-managed portfolio. The new 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10-year fixed-term licenses offer you the flexibility to choose services and device operations that are most meaningful to the type of business that you own.

The Device Management and Service Token licensing model is not relevant as of Nov 2021. The previous licensing model is changed to the new licensing model, which provides a uniform licensing structure for all types of devices such as APs, switches, and gateways.

For more information about the features supported, see Aruba Central Licenses Feature Details and HPE Aruba Networking Central Data Sheet.

Managing subscriptions will be available in the HPE GreenLake portal. For more information, see Manage section in the HPE GreenLake User Guide.

In addition, flexible consumption options and payment models are available with the as-a-Service (aaS) SKUs for access points, switches, and gateways. The flexible consumption options include delayed activation for up to 90 days, license co-termination, mid-cycle tier upgrade, and seamless license renewal.

This chapter includes the following topics: