Configuring Management User Accounts for Aruba Gateways

A management user refers to the admin user with credentials to log in to the local management interface of the device.

In Basic mode, the user account management can be configured at the group level only for Branch Gateway and VPNC.

To configure the user account management, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to one of the options under Groups. Ensure that the group contains at least one Branch Gateway or VPNC.

    The dashboard context for the group is displayed.

  2. Under Manage, click Devices, and then click Gateways.

    A list of gateways is displayed in the List view.

  3. Click Config.

    The configuration page is displayed for the selected group.

  4. Ensure you are in the Basic Mode.
  5. Click System > Management User.
  6. Click the + icon in the Local Management Users table.

    The Add Management User pop-up is displayed.

  7. Enter the user name and password that you want to configure.
  8. Select a user role from the Role drop-down list. The following options are available:
    • Super user role—Administrator user role.
    • Guest provisioning role—Administrator role for provisioning guest users.
    • Read only—Read-only user role.
  9. Click Save.
  10. To authenticate an admin user using AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. AAA is a security framework to authenticate users, authorize the type of access based on user credentials, and record authentication events and information about the network access and network resource consumption. policy, turn on the AAA authentication toggle switch.
  11. Click the + icon in the AAA Servers table to create a AAA server for authenticating device management user.

    The Add AAA Server pop-up is displayed.

  12. Configure the following parameters:
  13. Click Save.
  14. Review the summary page and click Save Settings.

The following animation illustrates how to configure management user accounts for Aruba Gateways.