Integrating Cloud Security through Cloud Connect Service

The SD-Branch integration with the cloud services through Aruba Cloud Connect service allows you to set up a secure connection between the Aruba Gateways and cloud nodes. This integration simplifies deploying large-scale, secure and optimized branch connectivity across the public cloud.

Cloud Connect service uses SD-Branch Orchestrator as the transport medium to send configurations to Branch Gateways that are connected to the cloud transit gateways through the automatically orchestrated IPsec Internet Protocol security. IPsec is a protocol suite for secure IP communications that authenticates and encrypts each IP packet in a communication session. tunnels and automated route exchange to optimize routing between branch offices and cloud transit gateways across the globe.

Cloud Connect configuration and device logs for SD-Branch integration through Aruba Cloud Connect can now be viewed in the Audit Trail tab. For more information, see Audit Trail

Aruba Central allows network administrators to configure the associated cloud security providers through the Cloud Connect Service. The following topics include the procedures to integrate various cloud security providers through Cloud Connect Service from Aruba Central:

Integration with AWS Public Cloud through Cloud Connect Service

Integration with Microsoft Azure Public Cloud through Cloud Connect Service

Aruba SD-Branch Integration with Zscaler Cloud Connect Service

Group Combinations

The following table lists the valid groups supported for different cloud security providers.

Security Provider AWS Azure Zscaler
Branch/Campus APs Campus APs are used in private networks where APs connect over private links (LAN, WLAN, WAN or MPLS) and terminate directly on controllers. Campus APs are deployed as part of the indoor campus solution in enterprise office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, universities, and so on. and Switches No No No
Mobility Gateway group No No No
Microbranch Group No No Yes
Branch/VPNC Gateway (Template mode) No No Yes
Branch/VPNC Gateway (UI mode) Yes Yes Yes