SD-Branch Solution Elements

This topic describes the solution elements for SD-Branch.

Aruba Central

With Aruba Central's flexible policy, configuration, and monitoring capabilities, organizations can simplify network operations by using zero-touch provisioning and customizable templates. Aruba Central allows teams to quickly deploy branch networks and centralize management for Aruba Gateways. It provides historical data reports, monitors for PCI compliance, and troubleshoots regional and global locations.


SD-Branch leverages Aruba Activate, Aruba Central, and the Aruba Installer mobile application to simplify and streamline the deployment of new Aruba devices across branch sites. This provisioning approach allows devices to be quickly and easily deployed by contractors or non-IT staff. To deploy a new branch the installer scans the new Aruba devices, connects the required Ethernet Ethernet is a network protocol for data transmission over LAN. cables, and provides power. Zero-touch provisioning over the Internet takes care of the rest.

Aruba Gateways

SD-Branch solution uses the following types of gateways: