Deploying Aruba Virtual Gateways

The Aruba SD-Branch solution deploys a hardware VPNC as the headend gateway in the customer's data center or a virtual gateway in your public cloud infrastructure. The virtualized instance of Aruba Gateway is referred to as Virtual Gateway.

Virtual Gateways bring your public cloud infrastructure on the SD-WAN Software-Defined Wide Area Network. SD-WAN is an application for applying SDN technology to WAN connections that connect enterprise networks across disparate geographical locations. fabric to facilitate the connectivity between the branches and the public cloud.

Virtual Gateways in the Aruba SD-WAN Wide Area Network. WAN is a telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance. architecture offer the following benefits:

  • Direct connection from branch to cloud instances which improves the access to the instances hosted on a public cloud infrastructure.
  • Resilient connectivity from the cloud using multiple transport links; for example, the link between an Internet Gateway and Virtual Gateway.
  • Centralized control and policy management across branch, data center, and cloud end-points.
  • To enable Virtual Gateway support on your SD-Branch, please contact your Aruba Sales Specialist.

  • To deploy Aruba Virtual Gateways, you must have administrator credentials.

  • Any resource on the cloud service provider's (CSP) platform that has been used to create an account, or is created during the orchestration, must not be manually deleted from the CSP platform. If you wish to delete a virtual gateway instance, you must do it using the Aruba Central UI.

Features Supported by Virtual Gateway

With Virtual Gateways, you can extend your SD-WAN overlay services to the public cloud infrastructure. Virtual Gateways function as VPNCs in the SD-WAN architecture. Virtual Gateways can terminate tunnels from Branch Gateways, Instant APs (micro SD-Branches with Instant APs) and VIA Virtual Intranet Access. VIA provides secure remote network connectivity for Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows mobile devices and laptops. It automatically scans and selects the best secure connection to the corporate network. clients. Like the on-premises VPNCs, Virtual Gateways support routing, security, and tunneling features.

Virtual Gateway Redundancy

Aruba supports deploying Virtual Gateways for high availability (HA). The Virtual Gateways can be deployed in the HA mode and also can be deployed in multiple availability zones.

Software Image for Virtual Gateways

The software images required for creating Virtual Gateway instances are available as an AMI. To obtain the AMI for a Virtual Gateway, contact your Aruba Sales Specialist.

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