Remote Direct Memory Access

RDMA is a technology that provides direct memory access. RDMA facilitates data transfers between the working memory of two systems without taxing the CPUs of either system. When an application employs RDMA, data movement is handled by the RDMA-capable NIC Network Interface Card. NIC is a hardware component that allows a device to connect to the network. , reducing CPU Central Processing Unit. A CPU is an electronic circuitry in a computer for processing instructions. overhead for these operations. This allows server CPU resources to be utilized for other activities without sacrificing the I/O performance. RDMA ensures lower latency, improved resource utilization, flexible resource allocation, fabric unification, and scalability. By increasing the server productivity, RDMA reduces the need for additional servers and lowers the total cost of ownership.

The following figure illustrates the RDMA process:

Figure 1   RDMA Data Transfer

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