RoCE Use Cases

RDMA and RoCE offer extensive possibilities in the networking market. Since RoCE has direct access to memory data it can facilitate low-latency and high-performance transmission. It also ensures low CPU Central Processing Unit. A CPU is an electronic circuitry in a computer for processing instructions. involvement, increases productivity by improving latency and throughput, and reduces cost by using Ethernet Ethernet is a network protocol for data transmission over LAN. infrastructure to handle the massive amount of data.

The following list of markets have started to leverage these solutions:

Cloud Computing

The cloud computing market has been actively leveraging the benefits of RDMA and RoCE. These environments obtain benefits, such as improved SLAs through deterministic performance and efficient clustering allowing for elasticity and scale out computing. As indicated before, the benefits of implementing RoCE include lower cost of ownership and greater return on investment that spans across traditional and modern hyper converged infrastructures.

The following vendor solutions provide a few examples of applications that leverage RDMA/RoCE.

Data Storage

Many data storage focused applications are gaining benefits from implementing RDMA/RoCE such as SMB Server Message Block or Small and Medium Business. Server Message Block operates as an application-layer network protocol mainly used for providing shared access to files, printers, serial ports, and for miscellaneous communications between the nodes on a network. Direct and Azure Managed Lustre. Data storage protocols over RDMA deliver higher throughput and lower latency. Everyday applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint are also able to leverage and benefit from RoCE.

Financial Services

The financial services market has been leveraging InfiniBand as those environments often require low latency.

The following are examples of some applications that could see high performance and I/O benefits in RoCE solutions:

  • TIBCO Software Inc.

  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Red Hat® Enterprise MRG Realtime
  • 29West by Informatica

Web 2.0 Big Data

Big data environment is another segment that benefits from RoCE solutions. The goal in these big data environments is to minimize the response time and increase the I/O.

The following are examples of some applications that could benefit from these RoCE solutions: