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Configure Orchestrator Using the CLI Utility

Start the Utility Option in the CLI

  1. Open a CLI session (SSH or hypervisor console) to the Orchestrator.

  2. Log in as admin or a user with administrator privileges.

    Log in with the admin password you set in Change the SSH Shell Admin and Root Passwords

    TIP: To log in as root user, enter su - root (for on-prem Orchestrator) or sudo su - root (for Orchestrator-as-a-Service). When prompted, enter the root password. If you are not logged in as a root user, you will be prompted for the root password after each selection.

  3. Enter /home/gms/gms/orch-setup -h to display the optional arguments.

    usage: orch-setup [-h] (-u | -c | -p | -m)

    Utility to do config changes/apply patches/upgrade via CLI

    Field Description
    -h, --help Show this help message and exit
    -u, --upgrade Upgrade to a different Orchestrator release
    -c, --change-config Config change like IP, hostname, DNS, timezone or NTP
    -p, --apply-patches Apply patches using dnf/yum update
    -m, --change-mode Configure VM as Orchestrator-only, Stats Collector-only or both

NOTE: At this point, the Orchestrator VM is running and needs to be configured. There are no appliances, key, or common name.

Change Time Zone, NTP Config, Hostname, IP Address, and DNS

  1. Enter /home/gms/gms/orch-setup -c

    OS version: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

    Root password:

  2. Enter the root password.

    Would you like to change timezone information [y/n] y

  3. Enter y to change timezone.

    Current timezone is America/Los_Angeles
    New timezone:

  4. Enter a timezone.

    TIP: To display a list of valid time zones, enter timedatectl list-timezone

    Timezone set to America/Phoenix
    Would you like to set up NTP servers to synchronize date and time across Orchestrator and EdgeConnect appliances? [y/n]:

  5. Enter y to set up an NTP server.

    Setting up NTP server
    NTP server(IP/name):

  6. Enter a valid NTP server, for example The NTP server will synchronize the date and time for Orchestrator and all associated EdgeConnect appliances.

    NTP server(s) added =========================================================================================
    Would you like to change network configuration and hostname via GUI? [y/n]

    NOTE: To enter an additional NTP server, you will need to run /home/gms/gms/orch-setup -c again or you can add another NTP server in the Orchestrator application after you complete the configuration.

  7. Enter n.

    *Configuring via CLI *
    Would you like to change the Orchestrator hostname? [y/n]

  8. Enter y.

    New hostname:

  9. Enter a descriptive name to identify this VM.

    *In order for the hostname to change permanently, you would need to reboot*
    *>su -c "shutdown -r now" *
    Would you like to change the IP address? [y/n]

    NOTE: The default IP address is a dynamic IP address. If you change the IP address, it will become a static IP address. Aruba recommends that you set a static IP address.

  10. Enter y.

    IP address:

  11. Enter the IP address.


  12. Enter the netmask.


  13. Enter the gateway.

    Would you like to change primary and secondary DNS servers used in a static IP address? [y/n]

  14. Enter y.

    DNS Server1:

  15. Enter the DNS server name, for example

    DNS Server2(optional):

  16. Enter a second DNS server name. This step is optional.

    Restarting network. This may take a while...

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