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On-Prem Orchestrator - Download, Deploy, and Install

If you are installing Orchestrator on-prem, follow the steps in this topic.

You can install Orchestrator for the first time from:

  • An email sent by Aruba SD-WAN

  • The Silver Peak support portal

NOTE: If you are building a new Orchestrator, download and deploy the latest OVA file.

Download the Orchestrator Package

  1. Do one of the following:

    • From the email you received from Aruba SD-WAN (previously Silver Peak), select the link to install Orchestrator. The Aruba SD-WAN (previously Silver Peak) website displays.

    • In your browser URL, enter

  2. Sign in and click Download Software. Save the software to your local machine.

  3. Select Download Software.

  4. Select the SD-WAN Orchestrator file for your appropriate hypervisor. SD-WAN Orchestrator supports the following hypervisors:

    • VMware

    • Microsoft Hyper-V

    • Citrix XenServer

    • KVM

  5. Select Initial Installation Packages.

  6. Select Orchestrator (GMS).

  7. Select GA (General Availability).

  8. Select the recommended release number to download one of the following OVA files.

    • Orchestrator-release#.#.#-sha256.ova

    • Orchestrator-release#.#.#.ova (This file uses SHA1 checksum. ESXi server versions before 6.5.0 do not support OVF/OVA files with a SHA256 hash.)

  9. Save the OVA file in a location where you can import it into your hypervisor environment. Once the OVA file for SD-WAN Orchestrator has been downloaded, it is ready to be deployed using the hypervisor.

NOTE: When you deploy the OVA file, use the Orchestrator/GUI username and password to log into the Orchestrator. To open the Orchestrator GUI, navigate to a browser and enter HTTPS:// followed by the IP address of the Orchestrator. You will use a different username and password to SSH into the VM to access the Orchestrator CLI.

Deploy Orchestrator Using a Hypervisor

After downloading the Orchestrator virtual appliance, you can deploy the SD-WAN Orchestrator appliance using the hypervisor of your choice. The guides in the Deployment Guides section of the Aruba SD-WAN website can help with this process.

Install On-Prem Orchestrator

If you are installing and configuring on-prem Orchestrator for the first time, SD-WAN Orchestrator versions 8.6.1 and later have a utility option that will walk you through the following configuration steps:

  • Configure:

    • NTP settings

    • Time and date

    • Orchestrator hostname

    • Orchestrator IP address, netmask, and gateway DNS servers

  • Apply and run security patches

NOTE: You can configure these options in the CLI or configure some of these options in a GUI.

NOTE: If you want to set up Orchestrator as a Stats Collector, see Stats Collector Configuration in the Orchestrator User Guide.

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