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Date/Time Tab

Administration > General Settings > Setup > Date/Time

This tab highlights significant time discrepancies among the devices recording statistics.


If the date and time of an appliance, the Orchestrator server, and your browser are not all synchronized, charts (and statistics) inevitably have different timestamps for the same data, depending on which device you use to view the reports.

TIP: For consistent results, configure the appliance, the Orchestrator server, and your PC to use an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server.

To specify date and time settings for your appliances, click the Edit icon.

Date/Time Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to configure a synchronized date and time across your Orchestrator server, appliances, and NTP server. Complete the following steps to begin.

  1. From the Time Zone drop-down list, select the current time zone that is applicable to your network.

  2. Select either Manual or NTP Time Synchronization.

    • Manual: Select either Manual or NTP Time Synchronization.

    • NTP: Click Add, and then enter the IP address of the NTP Server along with the version.

  3. Click Apply.

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