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Deployment Tab

Configuration > Networking > Deployment

This tab provides summary and detailed views of the selected appliance’s deployment settings.

To change an appliance’s deployment settings, click the Edit icon next to the name of the desired appliance.

The following table describes the fields on the Summary view of this tab.

Appliance NameName of the deployed appliance.
HAName of the appliance with which this appliance is paired for EdgeConnect High Availability (HA).
ModeIndicates the deployment mode for the appliance:

Inline Router – Uses separate LAN and WAN interfaces to route data traffic.

Bridge – Uses a virtual interface, bvi, created by binding the WAN and LAN interfaces.

Server – Both management and data traffic use the mgmt0 interface.
Outbound BandwidthDeployment’s total outbound bandwidth in Kbps.
Inbound BandwidthDeployment’s total inbound bandwidth in Kbps.
WAN Labels UsedIdentify the service, such as MPLS or Internet.
LAN Labels UsedIdentify the data, such as data, VoIP, or replication.
SegmentNames of the segments used for this appliance deployment.
DetailsSelect the information icon to view further deployment details of an appliance.

The following table describes the fields on the Details view of this tab.

Appliance NameName of the deployed appliance.
InterfaceName of the LAN or WAN interface.
LabelLabel mapped to the interface. LAN labels refer to traffic type, such as VoIP, data, or replication. WAN labels refer to the service or connection type, such as MPLS, internet, or Verizon.
ZoneFirewall zone applied to the interface.
SegmentName of the segment used for this interface.
IP/MaskInterface’s IP address and subnet mask.
WAN/LAN SideIndicates that the interface is WAN-side or LAN-side.
Next HopDeployment interface’s next hop router address.
Public IPPublic IP address.
InboundInterface’s inbound bandwidth in Kbps.
OutboundInterface’s outbound bandwidth in Kbps.
NATIndicates whether the appliance is behind a NAT-ed interface.
Firewall ModeIndicates the firewall mode for the appliance’s WAN-side interface:

Allow All – Permits unrestricted communication.

Stateful – Only allows communication from the LAN-side to the WAN-side. Used if the interface is behind the WAN edge router.

Stateful+SNAT – Applies Source NAT to outgoing traffic. Used if the interface is directly connected to the Internet.

Harden – For traffic inbound from the WAN, the appliance accepts only IPSec tunnel packets that terminate on an EdgeConnect appliance. For traffic outbound to the WAN, the appliance only allows IPSec tunnel packets and management traffic that terminate on an EdgeConnect appliance.
DHCPIndicates whether the interface’s IP address is obtained from the DHCP server.
HA InterfaceIndicates whether the interface is part of an EdgeConnect High Availability (HA) link.
CommentAdditional information for this deployment interface.

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