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Loopback Orchestration

Configuration > Networking > Loopback Orchestration

You can create a pool of loopback addresses for Orchestrator to automatically create one or more loopback interfaces. You can also assign IP addresses from the pool to each appliance in the network. Complete the following steps to create the range for your loopback interfaces.

  1. Select +Add Loopback Interface. The Loopback Interface window opens.

  2. Specify the Label from the drop-down menu. This is optional. If no label is selected, “None” is assigned. Additionally, Label only displays the LAN side interface labels configured on the Interface Labels tab.

  3. Specify the firewall zone if you want the loopback interface to be part of a specific firewall zone.

  4. Select the management check box if you want the interface to be used by management applications running on the appliance.

    NOTE: You can only select one loopback interface as management if you configure multiple loopbacks.

  5. Click Add.

The following table represents the fields for loopback orchestration.

SegmentAssociated segment that has loopback orchestration applied.
LabelLabel of the LAN interface being used.
ZoneFirewall zone associated with the loopback interface.
Management IPLoopback interface selected as the management interface.
Loopback PoolPool of loopback addresses representing each device.
Allocated / TotalNumber of loopback IP addresses allocated from the pool out of the total number of IP addresses in the pool.
DeletedNumber of loopback interfaces deleted.

NOTE: You can only delete an interface from an appliance in the Appliance Manager.

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