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Boost Tab

Monitoring > Bandwidth > Boost > Summary

This tab provides a summary of the Boost configuration and usage for selected appliances. You can change the time period for which Boost statistics are displayed by using the 1hr, 4hr, 1d, and 7d buttons at the top of the tab, or click Custom to specify a custom date range and granularity.


This tab provides the following details about your Boost configuration:

Field Description
Appliance Name of the appliance.
Configured Boost (Kbps) Boost bandwidth configured on the appliance.
% Time Insufficient Boost Percentage of time when Boost bandwidth was not available for use.
Minutes Insufficient Boost Amount of time (in minutes) when Boost bandwidth was not available for use.
Total Boost Bytes Total amount of Boost bandwidth used over the specified time range.
Trends Graph displaying detailed Boost trends for the specified appliance.

The total Boost bandwidth available to your network is controlled by your license. If necessary, you can purchase additional Boost bandwidth.

If a Boost license is available, you can assign Boost to appliances on the Licenses tab or on an appliance’s Deployment page. You can also configure Boost allocation using Business Intent Overlays.

NOTE: Your network uses a single queue for Boost across all appliances. When that queue is completely utilized, appliances will have insufficient Boost for any additional demands.

To view Boost trends for a specific appliance, click the graph icon in the Trends column. The Boost Trends graph displays Configured Boost, Boost, and Minutes Insufficient Boost over the time period specified on the Boost tab.


Change Boost Configuration

To change the Boost configuration of one or more appliances selected in the table, click Configure Boost. You can increase or decrease Boost bandwidth by 20%, or set the bandwidth to a specific value in Kbps. Click Apply to save and apply your changes, or click Close to cancel.


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