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Upgrade Appliance Software

Administration > Software > Upgrade > Upgrade Appliances

You can download and install new appliance software from your network or computer, or you can download and store (without installing) new appliance software to the Orchestrator server.

NOTE: Before you upgrade the appliance software, navigate to Administration > Tools > Monitoring > Active Sessions to verify that no users are logged on.

To upgrade your appliances:

  1. Select one or more appliances in the appliance tree, and then navigate to Administration > Software > Upgrade > Upgrade Appliances.

    The Upgrade Appliances dialog box opens. The Target Appliances table lists the appliances you selected.


  2. Do one of the following:

    • To upload an image file you downloaded to your machine, click Upload ECOS Image. File Explorer opens. Navigate to the image file, and then click Open. When the upload finishes, the image file appears in the Select ECOS Image table.

    • To provide a URL for the image file, click Provide URL. Enter the URL for the image file in the URL for image file field. When you click Provide URL, the Check Compatibility button becomes available.

  3. Depending on the option you selected in step 2, do one of the following:

    • If you uploaded an ECOS image file, select the new image file in the Select ECOS Image table. The Compatible column in the Target Appliances table indicates compatibility for each appliance.

    • If you provided a URL, click Check Compatibility to ensure that the image file is compatible with your current appliance software. The Compatible column in the Target Appliances table indicates compatibility for each appliance.

    NOTE: If the image file is not compatible, do not proceed with the upgrade. Find and select an image file that is compatible with the current versions of the appliances. Refer to the Orchestrator Release Notes for more information.

  4. Select one of the following install options:

    • Install and reboot—Installs the image file into the appliance’s inactive partition and reboots the appliance to use the new software.

    • Install and set next boot partition—Installs the image file into the appliance’s inactive partition and points to that partition for the next reboot.

    • Install only—Downloads the image file into the inactive partition. Use this option to store new appliance software from your network or computer to the Orchestrator server.

  5. Click Upgrade.

    The upgrade process downloads the image file and then installs it onto the appliances. Monitor the progress of the installation in the Target Appliances table. The Status column will display “Upload in progress,” “Installing boot disk image file,” “Waiting for reboot to finish,” and then “Success.”

  6. Click Close.

  7. If the upgrade was successful, monitor the appliance tree to verify that each appliance reboots. This might take some time.

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