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BGP ASN Global Pool

Configuration > Networking > Routing > BGP ASN Global Pool

Use this dialog box to configure the ASN Range to assign Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) for new appliances. Note the following before configuration:

  • ASNs are applied only to new appliances. The ASNs configured in this dialog box do not impact or change any previous or manually configured ASNs.

  • ASN Range is configured for Default Segment and cannot be changed.

  • ASN Orchestration assigns the same ASN to EdgeHA appliances.

  • ASN Orchestration assigns the same ASN to appliances with same site name.

Enter the start and end ranges for the ASNs. Click the +Add Reserved ASN to exclude any ASNs from being applied to an appliance. You can reassign ASNs manually by using the BGP tab.

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