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Configuration > Networking > USB LTE

Use this tab to configure and monitor USB LTE modems.

The USB LTE tab provides two views:

  • Click Config to display configuration details associated with the local appliance. For field descriptions, see Enable or Edit a USB LTE Modem.

  • Click Status to display the status of each appliance and additional details including:

Field Description
RSSI Signal Strength Indicator. See Understanding RSSI Values.
Phone Number The phone number associated with the cellular device.
Carrier The network provider for the USB LTE device.
Uplink Status Status indicating whether the USB LTE modem is able to establish an uplink to the carrier network.
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). The unique 15-digit number that identifies the USB LTE modem device.
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). The IMSI number on the USB LTE modem.
Model Number The model number of the USB LTE modem.
Product ID The product ID on the USB LTE modem.
Part Number The part number associated with the USB LTE modem.
Serial Number The serial number on the USB LTE modem.
Firmware Number The firmware number on the USB LTE modem.

Understanding RSSI Values

RSSI Signal Strength Description
> -65 dBm Excellent Strong signal with maximum data speeds.
-65 dBm to -75 dBm Good Strong signal with good data speeds.
-75 dBm to -85 dBm Fair Fair but useful.
-85 dBm to -95 dBm Poor Performance will drop drastically.
<= -95 dBm No signal Disconnection.

TIP: Select the Hide Missing Interfaces check box in the top-right corner of the tab to filter the list to display only those appliances assigned an interface. Clear the Hide Missing Interfaces check box to display all interfaces.

Technical Tips and Best Practices

  • You can plug the USB LTE modem into any UBS port on the EdgeConnect.

  • You can attach a maximum of one USB LTE modem to each appliance.

  • Aruba offers an extender cable for better placement of the USB LTE modem.

  • HPE Aruba Networking does not recommend the use of the USB LTE modem with a USB hub.

  • EC-V and EC-US do not support USB LTE modems.

  • If you encounter issues, admin down and admin up the cell0 interface.

Enable or Edit a USB LTE Modem

To enable or edit a USB LTE modem:

  1. If the USB LTE modem is not plugged into an appliance, plug the modem into the appliance now.

    The USB LTE modem will be in the Down state.

  2. Navigate to Configuration > Networking > USB LTE.

  3. Click the edit icon next to the appliance on which you want to enable or edit a USB LTE modem.

    The Edit LTE Interface dialog box opens.

  4. Configure the following elements as needed:

    Field Description
    Interface The name of the cell interface. The appliance shows cell0, cell1, cell2, and cell3. Only cell0 is used for the USB LTE modem.

    You must select and configure the cell interface name on the Deployment page. FW Model must be set to Stateful. Click Deployment in the tab header to configure the cell interface.
    Admin Indicates whether the interface is Up or Down. The USB LTE modem ships in the Down state.
    Generation Set the cellular modem to either auto, 4G, or 3G.
    APN The Access Point Name for the interface. Consult your network provider for a list of possible values. If a specific APN is not required, select default.
  5. Click Save.

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