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Cloud Portal

Configuration > Overlays & Security > Licensing > Cloud Portal

Orchestrator > Orchestrator Server > Licensing > Cloud Portal

The Cloud Portal dialog box is used to register cloud-based features and services, such as SaaS optimization and EdgeConnect.

NOTE: If you enabled Air-Gap mode, you cannot access the Cloud Portal. You will log in to the Air-Gap Portal to generate a new account key, which you will provide on this dialog box. Follow the instructions for enabling Air-Gap and accessing the Air-Gap Portal here: HPE Aruba Networking Orchestrator Air-Gap User Guide.

  • When you purchase one of these services, an Account Name and instructions to obtain your Account Key are sent to you. You will use these to register your appliances.

  • Use of these services requires that your appliances can access the Cloud Portal via the Internet.

  • You can require hardware appliances to be provisioned with the Account Name and Account Key in order to be discovered.

  • You can register a secondary account using the Secondary Accounts button.

  • If you subscribed to an AAS License, the license type is displayed. The AAS license subscription determines which features are available in Orchestrator. The license token is refreshed from Cloud Portal every 24 hours.

  • The Orchestrator UUID (universally unique identifier) is available under the Registration heading on the Cloud Portal dialog box.

Secondary Accounts

Secondary accounts allow you to manage multiple license end dates across a single SD-WAN, and can be used in the following situations:

  • You want to add an account that has a different end date from the existing primary account in your Orchestrator.

  • You want to merge accounts from one Orchestrator to another Orchestrator and have one SD-WAN fabric to manage.

- Hardware assets must co-reside in the same secondary account where the license resides.
- It is recommended to co-terminate licenses when possible for ease of management.

The primary account is where Orchestrator resides, and secondary accounts are associated to Orchestrator through the registration process. Hardware must reside in the same account as the software licenses associated with that hardware. You can register up to 11 secondary accounts.

As with a primary account, an Account Name and instructions to obtain your Account Key are sent to you. You will use these to register your appliances to the secondary account. To add a secondary account click Secondary Accounts, then click +Add, enter the account information, and click Add. To register the added secondary account, click Save.

Any secondary account changes, such as adding, updating, or deleting accounts, will trigger the registration process for all secondary accounts, even for those not modified directly in Orchestrator. This will be evident when a spinning icon is displayed next to “Registered” after saving any changes. After the registration process is complete, the spinning icon will be replaced with registration information that Cloud Portal returns to Orchestrator.

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