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Route Redistribution Maps Template

Before you use the Route Redistribution Maps template, ensure that your route maps are configured for either SD-WAN, BGP, or OSPF. For information about configuring route maps and defining rules for them, see Routes Tab.

To set up the template:

  1. From the Redistribute Routes To drop-down list, select the appropriate target (direction of traffic) to which to redistribute your routes (SD-WAN Fabric, BGP Inbound, BGP Outbound, or OSPF).

  2. Select one of the following:

    • Merge – Adds new maps to your existing maps. If the map already exists, the new map matches appliance rules in the Orchestrator range. If the configured rules do not match, the new map’s rules are appended to the existing rules.

    • Replace – Replaces all existing maps with the new maps. It does not include rules that match outside of the configured range.

    The range for Orchestrator rules is 1000–9999.

    WARNING: If you select Merge, only rules with matching priorities are overwritten. If you select Replace, all maps on the appliance are deleted and replaced.

  3. After making your selection, click Add Map.

    NOTE: You can use the other buttons to add the default route redistribution map to the Map Name list or to delete, rename, or clone a map selected in the Map Name field.

    The Create Route Redistribution Map dialog box opens.

  4. Enter a map name in Map Name, and then click Add.

    The name of your map now appears in the Map Name drop-down list.

    NOTE: You can create up to 14 customized route redistribution maps for each type listed in the Redistribute Routes To drop-down list.

  5. Ensure that the appropriate map is selected in the Map Name field, and then click Add Rule.

    The Add Rule dialog box opens.

    Use this dialog box to define the rules applied to your route map, including Match Criteria and Set Actions. Each route map has a match command and a set command. A route map rule is used to check whether all attribute values specified in the match criteria match the corresponding attribute values in the route and declares “match” or “no-match”.

    NOTE: You can apply 128 rules per map.

  6. Click Add.

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