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Routes Template

Use the following settings to apply subnet sharing configuration to appliances associated with this template group. Subnet sharing is the protocol used to exchange routes between EdgeConnect appliances across the SD-WAN fabric.

  • Automatically advertise to local LAN subnets: The appliance will advertise LAN and virtual interface subnets to SD-WAN fabric peers.

  • Automatically advertised local WAN subnets: The appliance will advertise WAN interface subnets to SD-WAN fabric peers.

  • Redistribute learned BGP routes to Silver Peak Peers: Advertise BGP routes that your appliance has learned to EdgeConnect peers.

Enter specific values for the following:

Metric for automatically added routes50 (default value).
Route Map name to Redistribute route to SD-WAN FabricName of the route map being redistributed to the SD-WAN.
Include BGP Local ASN to routes sent to SD-WAN FabricSelect Don’t Apply, Yes, or No.
Filter Routes From SD-WAN Fabric with Matching Local ASNSelect Don’t Apply, Yes, or No.
Tag BGP communities to routesSend the specified communities with routes that are advertised to both SD-WAN fabric peers and BGP peers, if the routes are learned from any of the following source protocols:
  • Local/Static
  • SD-WAN (Local/Static)
  • SD-WAN (BGP)
Select Don’t Apply, Yes, or No.

If you select Yes, enter the BGP communities you want to be tagged in the field.

NOTE: A community must be a combination of two numbers (0 to 65535) separated by a colon. For multiple communities, use a comma to separate them.

NOTE: If you select Don’t apply, Orchestrator ignores this field when applying this template to appliances.

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