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Session Management Template

Use this page to configure settings that control access to the appliance web UI.


Field Description
Auto Logout Specifies the amount of time in minutes after which an inactive session will be automatically logged out. The valid range is 0-60. Use 0 to disable automatic logout.
Max Sessions Maximum number of active sessions on the appliance. If the maximum number of sessions is reached, users who try to log in to the appliance web UI will receive a message that the browser cannot access the appliance. On non-EdgeConnect appliance models, Orchestrator might not be able to access the appliance.
OpenSSL Cipher List List of cipher suites to enable or disable on the appliance. For details about formatting this string, see this page.

The string can only contain the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and +-:.!_@

WARNING: Cipher format and availability are not validated. Ciphers should be thoroughly tested in a lab environment before being applied. When ciphers are applied from a template, an improperly formatted string or unavailable ciphers can cause an appliance crash.
Web Protocol Select the web protocol to use for appliance UI sessions. HTTPS is recommended for maximum security.

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