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Shaper Summary

Monitoring > Bandwidth > QoS > Shaper Summary

Use this tab to view the Shaper Summary for all traffic classes on selected appliances. The Shaper delays certain packet types to optimize overall network performance. For more information about shaping, see Shaper Tab and Shaper Template.

  • Use the controls above the table to specify how much data—time and date range—you want to see in the summary.

  • Use the Top X filter to limit data according to top applications by total traffic bytes. You can include the top 10, 25, 50, 100, or 1000 applications.

  • Click Outbound or Inbound to change the summary by traffic direction.

The following information is included in the Shaper Summary:

Field Description
Appliance Name of the appliance that is shaping traffic to generate the Shaper Summary.
Traffic Class Traffic classes defined by Shaper parameters. The following four are pre-configured by Orchestrator: Real-time, Interactive, Default, and Best Effort. The user can configure the remaining six classes.
Total Bytes Total amount of bytes being shaped.
Shaped Bytes Amount of bytes used for shaping.
Shaped Packets Amount of packets used for shaping.
Average Wait Time (ms) Specified amount of time Orchestrator waits until packets are dropped while shaping is in progress.
Drop Packets Amount of packets that have been reported as dropped due to expiration in the Shaper queue.
Other Drops Refers to all other drops besides the expired drop packets.
Trends Click the graph icon to see the Shaper Bandwidth Trends charts, which show Inbound and Outbound traffic trends in graphs.

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