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Monitoring > Performance > Availability

The Availability tab presents Aruba SD-WAN infrastructure availability data measured as a percentage where uptime (total time minus downtime) is divided by total time. You can view this percent availability by appliance or as an aggregate of all appliances. Reporting intervals are based on day or month. Data is not presented in the last 24-hour rolling format but according to a calendar day or calendar month. If a day or month has not elapsed, the data is not yet available.

You can specify business hours of operation. For example, a customer uses a generator to power their network. At night, the generator shuts off. You would exclude those times from the availability calculations. Click Availability Time Settings in the tab header to configure each appliance’s business hours and time zone.

NOTE: If you leave the business hours set for 24-hour availability, one minute of downtime is one minute over 24 hours. If you set Business Hours to 8 hours, then one minute of downtime is over those 8 hours. That one minute of downtime counts as a higher percentage because you are only calculating it over 8 hours or business hours versus 24 hours.

Availability Categories

The availability category sections for Network Role, Overlay, Underlay, Interface, and Appliance/Orchestrator Reachability present their respective uptime statistics. You can select one or more availability categories to display.

Category Definition Comments
Network Role Appliance network role (hub or spoke), Local Breakout (Internet), and SD-WAN Fabric availability. Determined by the Orchestrator.
Overlay Appliance Overlay Local Breakout (Internet) and SD-WAN Fabric availability. Appliance Overlay availability statistics leverage the link bonding mechanism.

Note: The SD-WAN Fabric and Local Breakout (Internet) values are typically higher than the underlay values.
Underlay Appliance Underlay and Pass Through, and Services availability. The Appliance Underlay availability statistics leverage the link bonding mechanism. Pass Through is an interface into an Underlay network or an interface to Services such as Zscaler, Netscope, or Axis, as defined in the BIO.
Interface Appliance Interface Label availability. The Appliance references the interface label to check the interface’s status. (Policies are specified according to labels.) Interface availability does not distinguish between an administrator setting an interface down and the interface being down. Interface availability does not reflect the uplink status for the radio component of an LTE modem.
Reachability Appliance connectivity to the Orchestrator Via Portal WebSocket or Via Orchestrator WebSocket, as well as Overall Reachability. Appliance status is up if it is connected to either the Orchestrator WebSocket or the Portal WebSocket. Overall Reachability is calculated if an Orchestrator OR Portal connection is available.

Configure Color Codes for Availability Thresholds

Click the gear icon to set thresholds for each availability category (Overlay, Underlay, Interface, Network Role, and Reachability). Thresholds determine the color coding of the availability statistics detail for any category. By default, green indicates 99.99% or greater, red indicates 99% or less, and yellow indicates any value in between.

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