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Health Map

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The Health Map provides a high-level view of your network’s health, based on real-time measurements of network conditions between appliances.

  • View filters are available for alarms, packet loss, latency, jitter, MOS (mean opinion score), and Business Intent Overlay.

  • The health map can be sorted by weekly, daily, hourly health, or tree (by group, and then alphabetical by hostname).

  • Each block represents one hour and uses color coding to display the most severe event among the selected filters. Color codes correspond to alarm severity and thresholds.

    • Green – Normal operation.

    • Red – Critical. Steps must be taken immediately in order to restore the affected service.

    • Orange – Major. Steps must be taken as soon as possible because the affected service has degraded drastically.

    • Yellow – Minor. A problem that does not yet affect service, but could if the problem is not corrected.

    • Aqua – Warning. A potential problem that could affect service.

    • Grey – No data available.

  • Thresholds can be configured by clicking on the gear icon .

    Threshold Settings Dialog Box

  • Clicking a color block displays a pop-up with specifics about that event, what value triggered it, and any additional threshold breach for that appliance during the same hour.

    Health Map Pop-up Detail

  • While filter and sort order customizations persist for each user account, threshold settings apply globally.

  • Threshold settings are not retroactive. Setting new thresholds does not redisplay historical data based on newly edited values.

  • Deleting an appliance deletes its data.

  • If you are using overlays, note the following:

    • You can view each overlay’s health individually.

    • If you remove an individual overlay, its data is not recoverable. However, its historical data remains included in All Overlays.

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