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Route Next Hops

Monitoring > Summary > Route Next Hops

The Route Next Hops tab displays the state of each management, WAN, and LAN next hop. Next hop status is derived from Layer 2 reachability using Address Resolution Protocol (ARP). When a next hop is deemed unreachable, all associated routes for the next hop will go down.

Filter Description
Appliance Appliance name.
Next Hop IP IP address of the router to which the appliance sends datapath (or management) traffic.
Interface Logical port associated with the Next Hop IP.
Source Direction of the next hop router, relative to the appliance.
State One of four possible states: Initializing, Reachable, Unreachable, Test disabled (when appliance is in Bypass mode).
Uptime Amount of time that the next hop router has been reachable.

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