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Loss Summary

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The Loss chart shows tunnels that have the most dropped packets. Statistics are summarized for the selected time period.


Loss percentages, before and after Forward Error Correction (FEC), are determined by data that the local EdgeConnect observes. Two types of loss are measured:

  • Pre-FEC Loss % – Percent of data packets lost before applying FEC / Total sent packets. This measure indicates what the packet loss would be if FEC were not applied.

  • Post-FEC Loss % – Percent of data packets lost after applying FEC / Total sent packets. This measure indicates what the packet loss is after FEC is applied.

The total number of sent packets over the link is calculated based on three parameters:

  • Total received packets (SUM_WRX_PKTS)

  • Recovered packets from FEC (CORRECTED_PACKETS)

  • Unrecovered packets after FEC (SUM_POST_LOSS)

Calculations are based on the following formulas:


  • Packets lost in transmission (SUM_PRE_LOSS) = CORRECTED_PACKETS + SUM_POST_LOSS

Based on the above information, the Pre-FEC and Post-FEC Loss percentages are calculated as follows:

  • Pre-FEC Loss (%) = SUM_PRE_LOSS * 100 / (SUM_WRX_PKTS + SUM_PRE_LOSS)

  • Post-FEC Loss (%) = SUM_POST_LOSS * 100 / (SUM_WRX_PKTS + SUM_PRE_LOSS)

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