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This page provides brief descriptions of new features in the recent Orchestrator release and links to additional information.

Orchestrator 9.4.2

The following features and updates were introduced in Orchestrator 9.4.2:


The HPE SD-WAN Orchestrator Air-Gap solution provides a deployment option that allows you to deploy HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN in an isolated network environment with no internet connectivity. See Air-Gap Tab.

Fast Orchestrator WebSocket Failover

Previously, Orchestrator took significant amounts of time to discover and recover from communication failures over direct WebSocket connections between Orchestrator and appliances. With this release, discovery of communication failures and redirection of traffic from direct WebSocket to Portal WebSocket occur in greatly reduced times.

You can choose to configure this feature to run in Aggressive, Normal, or Slow mode. Normal is the default mode for appliances newly added to your network or existing appliances that support this feature. Appliances must be at ECOS version or later. Appliances on earlier versions ignore this feature and run in Legacy mode. See Reachability Status Tab.

Context Sensitive Click-Through Help from Orchestrator to Zscaler

When configured, you can now click a popout link from the Zscaler Internet Access tab in the Orchestrator UI that opens your Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) monitoring service in a new browser tab. See Zscaler Internet Access.

Other Topic Enhancements

The following topics have also been enhanced for 9.4.2:

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