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What’s New

This page provides a brief description and links to additional information about new features in the recent Orchestrator release.

Orchestrator 9.2.1

The following features were introduced in Orchestrator 9.2.1:

Enhanced Logging for Templates, Template Groups, and Routing Segmentation (VRF) Firewall Zone Policies

Users can add Audit Log Comments to track new or modified templates, template groups, and routing segmentation (VRF) firewall zone policies. Templates are also tracked with a time and date stamp and a user ID. Template groups are tracked with a time and date stamp. See Templates Overview.


  • The time stamp shown for a template group considers the most recent one among all template timestamps, regardless of whether it is selected. Because users can modify a template and deselect it from active templates, the modification will reflect on the template group.
  • An update to the template modification timestamp is reflected in the template group modification timestamp. In these cases, the username is not shown in the template details on the right-side panel of the UI. Note that sometimes the system updates template policies independently—for example, the SaaS Optimization template is updated periodically when application definitions data is updated from the portal.

Enhanced Packet Capture Filtering and Option to Enable Circular Storage

Orchestrator allows you to capture packets for selected appliances and configure the host, IP, or port to capture, add filter options, and enable circular storage. See Packet Capture.

New Log Settings Option to Include WAN-Side Stateful Drops

Users can configure Log Settings to include WAN-side stateful drops. See Logging.

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