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Schedule Orchestrator Backup

Orchestrator > Software & Setup > Backup > Schedule Backup

Use this dialog box to schedule backups of the Orchestrator database and, optionally, schedule backups of the Orchestrator Stats Collector using the same destination and schedule.


View Currently Scheduled JobsClick to open the Scheduled Jobs tab.
ProtocolProtocol to apply: FTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, or SFTP.
HostnameHost name of the backup server.
UsernameUsername that the Orchestrator server uses to log in to the backup server.
PasswordPassword for the username.
DirectoryDirectory name of the backup server.
PortPort number of the backup server.
Max backups to retainMaximum number of backups to retain.
TestTo verify that Orchestrator can reach the destination, click Test.
ScheduleTo create a schedule, click Add. To modify a schedule, click Edit.

In the Schedule dialog box, select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

Complete the remaining fields, and then click OK.

TIP: To specify the timezone for scheduled jobs and reports, navigate to Orchestrator > Software & Setup > Setup > Timezone for Scheduled Jobs.
Description(Optional) Description for the backup schedule.
Stats CollectorDo one of the following:
  • Select the Use Orchestrator configuration check box to back up the Orchestrator Stats Collector on the same schedule and to the same destination.
  • Clear the Use Orchestrator configuration check box to specify a different backup destination and set a different schedule for the Orchestrator Stats Collector.
CAUTION: If you clear the Use Orchestrator configuration check box and you do not complete the Schedule Stats Collector Backup dialog box, the Stats Collector will not be backed up. For more information, see Schedule Stats Collector Backup.

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