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Upgrade Orchestrator Software

You can upgrade Orchestrator software for an on-prem installation or an installation in the cloud.

Upgrade On-Prem Orchestrator

If you are using on-prem Orchestrator 8.6.0 or later and want to upgrade to a newer version, complete the following steps.

WARNING: An upgrade that fails can cause Orchestrator to be in a corrupt state. Back up Orchestrator before you start the upgrade process.

  1. Create an SSH shell to Orchestrator.

  2. Open an SSH session to Orchestrator.

  3. Log in as admin or a user with administrator privileges.

  4. Switch to root: su - root

  5. Enter the root password when prompted. If you do not know your root password, contact Support.

  6. Enter cd /home

Depending on your environment, you can upgrade Orchestrator in either of the following ways:

NOTE: Upgrading via SCP is only available for versions 8.10.20 and later.

Upgrade via HTTP

If you have an HTTP URL to the Orchestrator installation file, enter the following in the existing SSH console to run the install script and point it to the hosted installation file:

/home/gms/gms/setup/ <HTTP URL of the Orchestrator Installation File>

NOTE: The upgrade process can take several hours to complete.

Upgrade via SCP

If you do not have an HTTP server, copy the Orchestrator installation file to Orchestrator by using SCP, run the install script, and point it to the local installation file.

NOTE: This procedure assumes that the scp programs on both ends are patched for CVE-2020-15778 and/or you trust the remote server from which you will scp the installation file. From the Orchestrator SSH console, enter the following as root:

  1. From the Orchestrator SSH console, enter the following: mv /bin/scp-local /bin/scp #

  2. From your local PC console, enter the following: scp <Orchestrator Installation file> admin@<orchestrator_ip_address>:/home/gms

  3. From the Orchestrator SSH shell console, enter the following: /home/gms/gms/setup/ <full_path_to_Orchestrator_Installation_file>

NOTE: The upgrade process can take several hours to complete.

Upgrade Orchestrator in the Cloud

Complete the following steps to upgrade Orchestrator in the cloud.

  1. Using Orchestrator in the cloud, navigate to Orchestrator > Software & Setup > Upgrade > Upgrade Orchestrator.

    The Upgrade Orchestrator dialog box opens.

  2. Click in the Select Version field to display a drop-down list of Orchestrator versions you can upgrade to, and then select the appropriate version.

  3. Click Upgrade.

    You will receive an email message indicating that the Orchestrator version upgrade has started. Orchestrator service is not available during the upgrade process. When the process completes, you will receive another message indicating that the upgrade was successful. If a failure occurs, however, you will receive a failure message with instructions to contact Aruba support.

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