SD-Branch is More than Just SD‑WAN

Learn why SD-WANs are necessary but not sufficient.

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SD-WAN + SD-LAN + SD Security = SD-Branch

Many enterprises put too much focus on the WAN component without considering the bigger picture. Simplification and cost reduction is just one part of a broader set of challenges that IT professionals face. Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch) extends the value proposition being delivered by SD-WAN to encompass the entire branch environment through centralized management, unified policies for LAN and WAN and so much more.


Why SD-Branch?

Faster launches icon

Faster launches

IT organizations can rapidly deploy and provision a network branch-in-a-box solution for new locations.

Tighter security icon

Tighter security

Centralized policy management allows the policy to follow the client/user and eliminates security risks associated with time-consuming, manual management tasks for various network overlays and functions.

Simplicity and scale icon

Simplicity and scale

Single pane of glass that includes wireless, wired and WAN configuration and visibility dashboards, traffic optimization features, and built-in troubleshooting tools.

SD-Branch in action!


Meet the challenges

The branch is where business happens. In fact, for most organizations, the branch is the business. Check out what’s driving the need to improve your branch operations and how you can meet those challenges.
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Video: unified network management

Unified management

For a centralized IT team, how do you keep pace with business needs at the farthest reaches of your infrastructure? Learn what SD-Branch can do for your enterprise.
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What to consider

How is SD-Branch different from traditional SD-WAN? How does SD-Branch address the increased use of cloud, IoT, and complexity at the branch? Find the smart answers you seek in this free guide.
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