Bali, Indonesia | September 11-13, 2023

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Join us at Atmosphere to learn how Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) provides the network infrastructure, security, and automation to ensure your network delivers the outcomes required for your business.

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Prepare for an unpredictable future with Aruba AI insights, integrated security, cloud-based networking services, sustainability initiatives, and as-a-service deployment models. Join us and learn how Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) provides the necessary network infrastructure, security, and automation to ensure your network delivers the outcomes required for your business. Reconnect with fellow Airheads, Aruba developers, and partners and learn new skills from robust training. Be ready for what comes next at Atmosphere ’23 APJ.

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Why attend? Get ready to:

  • Modernize your network with the latest Aruba innovations and technology updates
  • Protect your organization with edge-to-cloud security
  • Gain efficiency with AI and automation
  • Use and secure IoT devices across your infrastructure
  • Plan for the future with the latest Wi-Fi enhancements
  • Deliver unparalleled digital experiences with new data center innovations


Phil Mottram

Phil Mottram

Executive Vice President and GM, HPE Intelligent Edge Business

David Hughes

David Hughes

Chief Product and Technology Officer, HPE Aruba Networking


  • AOS 10 is Here: Wireless Design Change Considerations From AOS 8 to AOS 10

    This session covers network design changes to consider when moving from ArubaOS 8 Instant or ArubaOS 8 campus deployments to AOS 10. We'll also introduce the deployment options and requirements in AOS 10, including an AP only and an AP with gateways implementation. We'll also compare current AOS 8 controller and Instant mesh configurations to AOS 10 to understand what is maintained, what is new, and the considerations needed for any mesh in AOS 10.

    HPE Aruba Networking AOS 10, the Next Generation WLAN Architecture: Unlocking New Use Cases, Securing Users/Network and Maximizing the ROI

    This session covers the value of AOS10, expanding WLAN use cases like creating personal Wireless Network, supporting IoT initiative, providing detect intrusion events and classify rogue devices through RAPIDS and support for remote workers with new RAP solutions.

    AOS 10 is Here: Wireless Design Change Considerations From AOS 8 to AOS 10 (Repeated session)

    This session covers network design changes to consider when moving from ArubaOS 8 Instant or ArubaOS 8 campus deployments to AOS 10. We'll also introduce the deployment options and requirements in AOS 10, including an AP only and an AP with gateways implementation. We'll also compare current AOS 8 controller and Instant mesh configurations to AOS 10 to understand what is maintained, what is new, and the considerations needed for any mesh in AOS 10.

    How HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN Supercharges Mission-Critical workloads

    Explore the cutting-edge capabilities of HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN in securing and optimizing mission-critical workloads. This seminar will delve into how HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect enhances network performance, resilience, and security, ensuring seamless connectivity for critical applications. Join us to discover how this advanced SD-WAN solution empowers businesses to embrace digital transformation confidently and achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

    HPE Aruba Networking CX Switching Customer Experience Roundtable

    Join us for a roundtable discussion featuring network operators who have deployed HPE Aruba Networking CX Switching in their production networks. Learn about their Day 0 config automation experiences with tools such as HPE Aruba Networking Central and Ansible and their design considerations for high availability, network services, and security best practices. Use these insights to improve your network plans and avoid deployment pitfalls, as these operators candidly share lessons learned.

    Powering Digital Innovation: Designing Data Centers with the HPE Comware Portfolio

    In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for robust, scalable, and efficient data center networks has never been more critical. Large-scale enterprises globally are embracing these challenges, pioneering a new era of connectivity with HPE Comware. Join us in this session as we dive into the Comware Data Center Networking (DCN) portfolio, chart the journey from 100G to 400G, and explore the power of data center automation, orchestration, and AI-driven insights.

    Private 5G Networks and Top Use-cases

    Private Networks is a wireless network technology that delivers cellular connectivity for private entities like enterprises, public safety, government, businesses, third-party providers and municipalities. It can be either an alternative or a complementary solution to existing Wi-Fi, along with other cellular technologies, like public Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and public 5G. They enable the deployment of advanced technologies and pave the way for transformative use cases in various industries.

    Super Charge and Secure Data Centres with HPE Aruba Networking

    HPE Aruba Networking has a new approach to the Data Center; one that is edge-centric, cloud-enabled with built-in security. Join us to learn how your organisation can benefit from this modern architecture and intergrations with compute and storeage.

    Getting the Most From Your HPE Aruba Networking CX Switches

    Combining real world experience and the latest technology, this session delves into interesting use cases, cool new features and developments, along with tools, tips and tricks.

    This is aimed at campus and small cores with CX switches, and includes some Central content.

    Design a Campus Network Using HPE Aruba Networking ESP Reference Architectures

    Learn how to leverage the HPE Aruba Networking Validated Solution Guide series to design a campus network. We’ll review the most important considerations of a campus design and how to use our reference architecture to guide your work.

    Evolution of Wi-Fi

    How did we get here? Explore the evolution of Wi-Fi standards, including the transition to 802.11ax and the 6GHz band. We'll also discuss the implications of Wi-Fi 7 and how it compares to the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E.

    HPE Aruba Networking Location Services Overview: Exploring Open Locate, Central, and Meridian

    Join us for an overview of HPE Aruba Networking Central and Meridian location services and their use cases: wayfinding/navigation, asset management, safety/geofencing, and proximity marketing. You'll also learn how to deploy location services while leveraging your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to drive your location services initiatives.

    Data Center Fabric Automation with HPE Aruba Networking CX 10000 Ecosystem Integrations

    The HPE Aruba Networking CX 10000 can not only support Day 0 and Day 1 automation deployments but can also support Day 2 automation of an existing live data center fabric. Leveraging the power of the telemetry generated by the CX 10000, first-of-their-kind integrations with leading AI/ML companies bring insights into the current state of a data center fabric performance and security, and lead to automated remedies. The same techniques the hyperscalers have used to leverage the power of ML to automate troubleshooting and remediation processes can now be delivered to the enterprise data center with the CX 10000. Learn the benefits of pervasive observability and hear from some of the partners who have built these integrations.

    Data Center Management From the Cloud

    Realize great savings using cloud services to manage your data center. This session outlines the pros and cons of cloud-based data center management, how to overcome availability and security concerns, and HPE products and solutions.

    Automate Fabric Orchestration in Data Center Environments

    Modern data centers require complex multi-layered segmentation for the customer application workloads and services to implement Zero Trust Security. Administrators must understand and handle complex policy definitions for the infrastructure, and an ever-expanding heterogenous environment asks for unique security requirements. Implementing and managing these environments is challenging and prone to errors. This session details the HPE Aruba Networking solution using HPE Aruba Networking Fabric Composer and CX 10000 switches.

    Zero Trust Networking Begins at the Edge

    What does Zero Trust really mean? With Zero Trust Networking (ZTN), any device connecting to a network cannot be trusted until it has been proven otherwise. Learn how HPE Aruba Networking provides multi-vendor Network Access Control and AI-powered device visibility from HPE Aruba Networking Central Insights and Central NetConductor to ensure that every device connected to your network has only the required permissions and access it needs for a ZTN foundation that can be further supported with advanced SASE capabilities. Understand ZTN design, its architecture, and key points to consider while designing your security policy.

    Introducing AXIS Security SASE/ SSE

    Introducing HPE Aruba Networking’s latest acquisition of Axis, and how it revolutionizes remote access for organizations worldwide.

    Secure Work From Anywhere with AXIS

    How Impactful digital transformation through intentional technology decisions can minimize organizational obstacles using SASE.

    HPE Aruba Networking NAC Solutions with One is Right For You

    HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass Policy Manager has been HPE Aruba Networking's NAC for over a decade. With the introduction of Cloud Auth functionality in HPE Aruba Networking Central, there is a new NAC in HPE Aruba Networking's portfolio. Learn which use cases are better suited for Cloud Auth and which use cases still require ClearPass. Now that a NAC for everyone exists, find out which one works for you to open the door to other HPE Aruba Networking security functionality.

    HPE Aruba Networking SASE. The Convergence of Network and Security at the Edge

    Discover the future of networking and security with HPE Aruba Networking SASE, where the convergence of network and security at the edge empowers businesses with a unified, cloud-based solution. Learn how HPE Aruba Networking SASE streamlines connectivity, enhances security, and ensures a seamless user experience for the distributed workforce and cloud applications. Join us to explore the transformative potential of HPE Aruba Networking SASE in the modern digital landscape.

  • Maximise Your Value From Central

    Gain operational best practices and see the latest innovations in HPE Aruba Networking Central, our cloud networking solution. Demos will cover SaaS optimization, AI-powered troubleshooting, a versatile multi-editor for CX switches, live Wi-Fi upgrades and more.

    Introduction to HPE Aruba Networking Central Next Gen Experience (2 sessions available)

    HPE Aruba Networking Central Next-gen eXperience (CNX) is a multi-year, phased initiative that reimagines Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 network operations with an intuitive, operator-centric, AI-powered design—enabling IT teams to deliver extraordinary edge-to-cloud digital experiences. This session provides a preview into a day in the life of a network operator and how CNX maximizes their productivity.

    NetConductor - Overview of HPE Aruba Networking Central NetConductor

    Find out how NetConductor enables global Zero Trust networks by combining policy orchestration, enforcement, overlays, assurance and 3rd-party integrations to simplify network operations for enterprises.

    Deliver the Best End User Experience and Application Performance on Modern Networks Using HPE Aruba Networking UXI

    Discover how to get real-time network visibility from UXI for troubleshooting real-world network and application issues. Learn how to actively test synthetic transactions and how to leverage enhanced incident detection for reduced alert fatigue and faster MTTR.

    Accelerating Digital Transformation: End-to-End Full-Stack Visibility Using HPE Aruba Networking UXI & Central

    Quickly validate the impact of network changes with HPE Aruba Networking AIOps. Keep your IT teams ahead of outages with rapid, location-aware troubleshooting with HPE Aruba Networking Central. Learn about issues correlation using ASM and a single-pane-of-glass view.

    Leveraging Automation and APIs across HPE Aruba Networking Products

    HPE Aruba Networking's programmability is an important factor in interacting with various solutions. See how APIs are used in HPE Aruba Networking Central, ClearPass, and EdgeConnect in various use cases. This session showcases how to use EdgeConnect automation to help set up and manage SD-WAN, how to use ClearPass to handle access control, and demonstrates efficient use of Central’s monitoring capability. This is all accomplished using HPE Aruba Networking’s open APIs and built-in programmability.

    Connecting the Future: IoT Use-cases and Deployment Best Practices

    As IoT adoption continues to grow, organizations are presented with unparalleled opportunities to enhance efficiency and deliver innovative services. However, the deployment of IoT solutions comes with its unique challenges, such as security vulnerabilities, interoperability issues, and scalability concerns. In this session we will discuss best practices and explore compelling use-cases realised with HPE Aruba Networking Technology Partners.

  • What's New with Network as a Service (NaaS) and HPE GreenLake for HPE Aruba Networking

    Join this session to understand the latest industry trends in the exciting world of network as a service (NaaS) and how HPE Aruba Networking is leading this market transition with our HPE GreenLake for HPE Aruba Networking offering. In this session, we'll talk about how the HPE GreenLake for HPE Aruba Networking portfolio leverages the breadth of HPE Aruba Networking solutions and provides flexible ways to consume network infrastructure and accelerate the value realization of your technology investment.

    Digitize and Thrive

    Post pandemic, organizations are having to make fast decisions to plan for the future. Technology is a cornerstone for this change. Mid-market customers are at a unique inflection point. To survive and grow, they need to rethink investments in technology and security, evolving from point solutions to a secure fabric across the business. One that supports initiatives such as work from anywhere, cloud adoption, and process digitization.

    What Comes: The Network is a Tool for Transformation

    Today’s enterprise network – connectivity cost center or revenue driving asset? Dive into global research examining how organizations are turning network investment into business advantage, and unlocking the flexibility and resilience needed to battle through the prevailing economic headwinds.

    Optimize Your Network Capability with HPE Aruba Networking Foundation Care

    Learn how HPE Aruba Networking Services optimizes operation of your network and assets. We will discuss best practices for integrating Aruba's Foundation Care into your operating model-maximizing availablity and minimizing troubleshooting for your team.

    Learn About Partner Branded Services

    How do you maximise HPE Aruba Networking Services with Partner Branded Services capabilites? Hear how HPE Aruba Networking PBS enables partners and helps customers to realize the full potential of their network investments.

    Unleash the Power of People with the HPE Edge to Cloud GreenLake Platform

    HPE GreenLake Platform provides unifed cloud services experience. Learn how HPE GreenLake enables organizations to streamline operations across their edge to cloud.

    Want a Sustainable Future? HPE Aruba Networking Can Help You Get There

    Designing for sustainability is synonymous with designing for IT efficiency. And we believe our biggest opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet is by enabling you to transform and modernize―sustainably. Join this session to learn about how the right network design, responsible manufacturing, intelligent innovation, and full lifecycle management services can improve your sustainability profile now and in the future.

    Hybrid by Design, Not by Accident

    The world is hybrid but the cloud experience is not everywhere; there’s a big gap today in the digital operating model of most enterprises. The apps and data that have moved to public cloud are enjoying the ease, fast, agile operating experience, but that is only 30 percent of apps and data. This creates an uneven operating model. Join us in this session to understand how to find the right mix of environments as you execute hybrid cloud transformations leveraging HPE GreenLake Edge to Cloud Platform and learn the essential steps required for a hybrid cloud strategy that’s by design, not by accident.

  • Women in Tech

    This initiative aims to encourage organisations to address the key motivators for women to pursue a tech career, and to amplify women in tech to enable them to continuously grow and thrive in the industry. It also demonstrates the collective strength and interest of companies in the region to bring positive change for women in tech.


Check out the at-a-glance agenda for our different Atmosphere tracks.

  • Day 0 Programme

    6:00pm – 9:00pmWelcome Reception
  • Day 1 Programme

    9:00am – 12:30pmKeynote Session
    12:30pm – 1:30pmLunch
    1:30pm – 6:00pmBreakout Tracks
    IT Exec Forum*
    Women in Tech*
    GSP Session*
    Hospitality CAC Session*
    Tech Playground
    6:30pm – 10:00pmAppreciation Night
  • Day 2 Programme

    9:00am – 12:30pmBreakout Tracks
    Partner First Advisory Board*
    12:30pm – 1:30pmLunch
    1:30pm – 3:30pmPartner Session
    Partner Awards
    Breakout Tracks

*Sub programs by invitation only
**Agenda subject to change

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