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  • 10月 30, 2019

    Policy Enforcement Firewall

    This infographic for the Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) provides an overview on its security and visibility capabilities. PEF has also been designated by Marsh as effective in reducing risk in the Cyber Catalyst program.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 10月 30, 2019

    Aruba Dynamic Segmentation

    This Dynamic Segmentation Infographic provides information on how network architects and engineers can simplify configuration and provide consistent policy enforcement to improve overall network operations.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 10月 2, 2018

    What’s threatening IT security and what are people doing about it?

    The Ponemon Institute surveyed 3,500+ IT security leaders and practitioners and here’s a glimpse at what they found. 下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 8月 31, 2018

    Is your network ready for the business transformation wave?

    See how mobile technology and Cloud are enabling midsize businesses to compete at full size levels. Ride the wave with a simple network that doesn’t sacrifice business-class performance, security, and reliability.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 7月 3, 2018

    Airheads Community Stats-at-a-Glance

    Aruba’s Airheads Community is a vibrant interactive community and a place to share and learn about wireless and wired LANs, network security, mobile devices, applications, software-defined networking (SDN), network management, and mobile engagement.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 6月 19, 2018

    Improve Branch Operations by up to 68% with SD-Branch

    See how cloud-managed networking can help modernize your branch, optimize resources and improve the overall experience in this infographic.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 6月 12, 2018

    Unlocking the Potentials of the Digital Workplace

    Digital Revolutionaries are winning by using more technology at work, and laying a foundation for how the workplace of tomorrow will look.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 5月 4, 2018


    查看总结 Aruba CX 向客户提供的价值的信息图。下载 PDF

  • 4月 30, 2018

    Higher Education is Going Mobile-first

    Mobility enabled learning and Wi-Fi powered environments can elevate success for the always connected student. As the campus community evolves, so must mobility solutions.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 8月 9, 2017

    Aruba ClearPass Risk Assessment

    Identifying what’s on your network is a never-ending challenge. Not only do you need to prevent malicious users from gaining access, you have to protect against unauthorized devices and applications. How strong are your defenses?下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 6月 9, 2017

    A Day in the Life: How to investigate a threat alert

    This infographic shows the typical threat response time using standard remediation techniques versus using IntroSpect Entity360.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 6月 9, 2017

    Aruba IntroSpect: User and Entity Behavior Analytics

    This infographic depicts the five forensic steps to remediating a threat attack using Machine Learning and User and Entity Behavior Analytics.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 2月 28, 2017


    医疗行业反馈者看到在未来两年在医疗物联网40%的投资回报和物联网终端的高速增长-患者监控,发电机和计数器,医疗影像/X光机等都将链接起来。挑战事如何将如此众多的物联网终端俞主要的网络基础设施连接起来。请看统计数据下载 PDF

  • 2月 28, 2017


    尽管超过一半的零售业受访者已经看到40%的物联网投资回报,但是他们对保护他们的网络安全和客户数据不被物联网的相关泄漏表示忧虑。想了解更多信息,请查询相关图片资料下载 PDF

  • 2月 28, 2017


    物联网提供无止境的机会-智能会议室,提升工作场所的效率,优化资源使用率,但是同时也存在风险和潜在扩大的网络攻击。请看业务领导者如何谈论物联网现状下载 PDF

  • 2月 28, 2017


    2019年,92%的工业组织将应用物联网技术,77%相信物联网将转变制造业。但是物联网现在是如何应用的并且在物联网的应用会遇到哪些挑战?请查询相关图片资料。下载 PDF

  • 2月 28, 2017


    看上去物联网是所有的物都变得更加智能,从安全系统,到街灯,甚至于我们驾驶的汽车。请看政府领导者如何看待物联网驱动的智能城市所带来的机遇和挑战。下载 PDF

  • 1月 10, 2017

    Aruba SMB Switching Gifographic

    Learn how mobility and IoT are changing your network needs, and why your wired network is critical to Wi-Fi performance.See the Infographic 英语 (美国)

  • 6月 17, 2016

    Moving your business at the speed of mobile

    Your network is evolving from an IT resource to a strategic business enabler – and needs to run with optimal speed and performance.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 4月 15, 2016

    6 Mobile-First Ways to Keep Shoppers in Your Stores

    Mobile phones have a powerful role in the in-store shopping experience.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 2月 9, 2016

    Shattering Wi-Fi Records at Levi's Stadium

    Our stadium Wi-Fi smashed all sorts of records at Levi’s Stadium’s biggest game.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 1月 7, 2016

    Healthcare is Going Mobile-First

    Hospitals around the world are embracing mobility with electronic health records delivered on tablets, health telemetry through wearables, and voice communication via smartphones to streamline clinician workflow and improve overall patient satisfaction.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 10月 13, 2015

    Context-Aware mobile marketing

    Keep guests engaged with context-aware mobile marketing. 下载 PDF 英语 (美国)

  • 3月 18, 2015

    Modernizing School Networks

    Create an uninterrupted 1:1 learning environment that prioritizes learning apps and online testing for the #GenMobile student.下载 PDF 英语 (美国)